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Embrace it.

Embrace it.


animaniacs really gets me

Dude the gamecube sucked


At some point, I thought it’d be a good idea to make a short parody with this song.  I was perhaps under the influence of alcohol while making that decision and while making the video itself.  Enjoy!








(originals by Flikkerlicht. I like my versions best ;) )

I really don’t like most repurposed art, but it is sourced and the originals are coddling.

Says the person coddling a fucking thief by calling the art they stole ‘repurposed’.


This just in, anti bullying messages are coddling. You fucking hypocritical brats.

Yes, they sourced the creator, but did they get the permission to change them? Probably not.

Of course they didn’t. Flick has said they reported them for stolen art. They’re reporting every person that has stolen their work like this.

If you play with their work without permission, you are a fucking art thief who will be reported. It’s time you all learn that you cannot steal shit just because you’re mad.

I actually don’t give a shit about the art being “stolen” because I don’t believe art is owned by anyone. 

But I do take issue with the fact that you took something that was about love and tolerance and turned into something about being closed-minded and bigoted. 

That really sucks and people should throw tomatoes at your stupid fucking face. 








Dat last one doe





A REAL Story About Bronies That ACTUALLY Happened:



Figured since there was some pretty awful allegations made by a tumblr user who fancies made-up tragedies, it’s time I shared something that ACTUALLY happened at the con that had a strong impact on me in particular.

Saturday night around 4pm I came down with the worst case of fatigue in my life. It was so bad I could hardly sit myself up on my bed. I was supposed to do my Make-Up Panel, too, but there was just no way I was going to be standing for an hour to walk around and do make-up at the same time. Because of all of this, I had to stay in my hotel room and watch the convention from the Ponyville Live stream. Fortunately, I had lots of friends come by and bring me snacks, drinks, and their companionship. In soon enough time, I was well-nourished and thanks to my friends that visited me and the musicians on the stream, I was feeling much better! So I decided I felt well enough to go down to the /mlp/arty with my friends.

But on the way down there, someone checking their phone was informed that a friend of his was missing. She was a Rarity cosplayer. To make things even more eerie (for me personally at least), she appeared to be wearing the exact same cocktail dress I used to use for my Rarity cosplay. No one knew where she was, but when they got word that last she was seen she was very drunk and around a sober stranger, they were overcome with panic and worry.

Banding together, they decided to form a search party and find Con Staff. The only thing I have to complain about this situation was that because it was a mob of people, everyone got a little too panicked and they probably made a bigger deal than they should have; certain people should have definitely been more delicate about the situation. But the only reason why that happened was because they were panicked and scared for their friend.

But soon she was found and most importantly she was alright (thank God).

So, next time you think that Bronies don’t care about the welfare of girls, little girls, big girls, cosplaying girls, etc., this weekend I witnessed 20-30 Bronies come together over the well-being of a fellow female Cosplayer. Even if nothing happened, witnessing that for my very own eyes truly warmed my heart and gave me a lot more faith in this fandom, especially when it comes to cosplaying.

Sometimes I get worried when will be the first Brony Convention I go to that someone sexually harasses me; but I know now that I don’t have to worry about that anymore. And even if it does happen, I know there are people at these conventions that would destroy someone if they found out a girl has been taken advantage of.

Thanks to this weekend, I think I have finally found a way to get out of my depression. I really couldn’t have asked for a better one, even if it was dramatic as could be. I honestly can’t wait to see y’all again at the next convention.


I can testify that this happened since I was there, like, directly after this went down and plus I heard it from another guy as well so yeah.

I’m just going to flag this post around whenever I hear a SJW saying that this fandom constantly abuses women, because this is a grade A example that we care about women and children and men and just pretty much the majority of everyone in it.

So yeah. The brony fandom is fucking terrible, but it’s not fucking terrible.



Now that we have the whole story, including the fact that there were only two pieces of artwork, both of which were done by the same artist, who did not keep them up just out of spite for anyone, we can finally draw the curtain on this incident.  The artist was unaware that the character was someone’s OC to begin with, and did not draw those two images to cause drama.

Also, as it turns out, it was a couple of 4chan trolls idiots morons users that were sending those images to the family in purpose, fully intending to cause trouble by doing so.  The artist had nothing to do with this behavior.

If you would be so kind, you can now stop trying to blame an entire group of thousands for the actions of a single, completely unaware artist that meant no ill intent whatsoever, and a couple of deliberate troublemakers. 

I would ask that no further negativity regarding this incident be spread, out of respect for both Sylvain, and his mother.

well then